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[inhuman] demo v.1.1 by AliceXOffered [inhuman] demo v.1.1 by AliceXOffered
EDIT (3/2/2014);

There is now a FAQ! Please make sure to check it out before submitting a question. Thank you!
Oh look, it's that thing I've been promising people I would get done for months and never did, and am only just now getting around to posting even though it's been done for like two weeks even though it's super late. But anyways...yeah. I finished something. Yaaaaay.
*coughs* so are the downloads;

Aaaaand for those who are curious, here is a very long explanation of the game, since I know I have basically withheld any and all information pertaining to the contents of the game so far;

[inhuman] is a horror/mystery (puzzle?) Axis Powers Hetalia fan-game following the exploits of 2P!America (aka Alfred F. Jones), who awakens in a strange city with no memories of who he is or why he's there. From the moment the first cut-scene ends, it is the player's job to roam the city searching for a way to recover Alfred's memories, which can be done by solving various 'mysteries' (aka quests) that have to do with the residents of the town and, somehow, the town's livelihood; a sinister factory known as the 'Cage.'

As it is, the city is divided into two districts - the Inner District and the Outer District - with the first half of the game focusing on the Outer. Here, you will have to complete two of four optional mysteries ('Just a Dream', No One to Trust', 'It Comes in Shades', and 'A Final Place to Rest') as well as a mandatory one ('The Monster in the Dark') before you will be able to move on to the second half of the game, where the rest of the mysteries are located. There are multiple endings in the game, all of which are dependent upon the actions you take in solving the mysteries, so be careful in how you do things - even little things can sometimes make a big difference. Sadly, this being a demo, the only mystery you can undertake at the moment is the first one ('Just a Dream'), which has multiple endings here, most of which are game overs, so yeah...please be careful when playing.

All this being said, I would like to take a moment to apologize to Hetalia fans; although this was meant to be a Hetalia fan-game, due to a lack of good sprites and poor planning on my part, I wasn't able to include very many Hetalia characters within the first half of the game at all (America, Sealand, Greece, Russia, and possibly Wy or Seychelles), and only America appears in the demo. Furthermore, due to the same problem, I probably won't be able to include any mainstay characters like Italy or England outside of flashbacks until act which point nearly every single important character you encounter is a Hetalia character, so I suppose it evens out some. ^^"

I would also like to take a moment to apologize for the way America behaves within the game (and especially within the demo), as not only is he vastly out of character, but he is also deprived of his usual strength and thus really has no way of defending himself in-game, forcing him to have to rely on nothing but his own ingenuity to survive. Yes, I do realize that this makes him seem nothing even close to either America or 2P!America. Would it work is he wasn't like this? Probably not. Is there an actual plot-related reason for why is he so out of character? Surprisingly, yes. Will it be explained and rectified as the game progresses? One-hundred percent yes. Will possible choices, responses, and general OOCness irritate the ever-living daylights out of some people? I don't doubt it for a second. Do I actually care? Not really. Have fun.

And speaking of irritation, here are some tips to help you along in the demo;

-sometimes the chivalrous choice is not always the best one.
-talk to everyone you can.
-fire is your friend.
-yes, it does matter that exiting an area from different angles will take you to different starting points on the next map.
-when indoors, examine everything within reach....and I mean everything...probably every time something new happens, too.
-when outdoors, generally don't bother...unless it's a door, a sign post, or if you're looking for something.
-you can only save at save points, which do not look very obviously like save points, either. the only one in town is at a store.
-outside of save points, there is no way to save your progress in-game (I considered a quick-save feature but it caused problems, so I disabled it), so be careful.
-Never skip text if it's new. Did you hear that? Let me repeat it, because it is vitally important; NEVER. SKIP. TEXT. IF. IT'S. NEW.

Please note that the demo itself runs about an hour long, and that's if you know exactly what you are doing. It is not a short demo, and the actual game is probably going to be about ten times larger...for the FIRST half...not even speaking about the second (and longer) half of the game, plus conclusion and....aaaaaaaaagh...

So yeah...this is my first attempt at creating a game ever, and, due to my beta having issues, this is mostly unbeta'd (yaaaaay). So yeah...please report any and all problems or bugs you might find, since chances are I have probably missed some things in my own play-throughs. Furthermore, please feel free to leave comments, questions or concerns relating to anything about the game, storyline, gameplay, or whatever. Like I said, this is my first attempt, so if you see areas where I can improve or things I can do differently, please feel free to tell me! I promise I don't bite (much). :D
Also, if you get stuck in the game and need help with something, I'm free to ask for help via the comments section - just please keep the above hints in mind before you do so.

(disclaimer; I own nothing. Everything goes to respective creators, which have been credited in-game; if you view the credits and notice that I have not credited someone that I should have, please feel free to leave a comment and I will fix any and all mistakes at the earliest opportunity.)

[This is a horror-mystery game. You will be required to solve puzzles and use your surroundings in order to advance the game. There are multiple endings, which are dependent upon the actions you take throughout the game. The game includes elements of horror, violence, foul language, and some mild gore; if this were given an ESRB rating, it would be somewhere in the T+ to M range. Please keep these things in mind before playing. Thank you.]

EDIT 2/23/2014:

So I've made a bit of a thoughtless error in that I've been using the original demo file to continue working on the completed game...which means that I can't release any updated versions of the demo because I no longer have the original data to work with. Ha ha...yeah... In any case, I thought that as long as the current version is going to be available, I might as well go ahead and post a list of the known errors and glitches that I currently do not have the capacity to fix, so that players can at least know to avoid them. Um, yeah....sorry.

Known bugs;

-in the warehouse, when you need to look for items, pick up the floorboards first and THEN the flint - not the other way around! If you pick up the flint first, you won't be able to pick up the floorboards, and thus won't be able to progress the game.
-after you successfully complete the scene that scares off the guards, do not leave the warehouse; if you do, the scene will repeat itself upon your return, after which point you will apparently be directly transported into Edgar's house. Not technically a game-breaking bug, but can still be pretty annoying, so avoid it if you can.
-if you talk to the first NPC you see in the game from the south, the game will freeze at a certain point in your conversation, causing you to have to restart them game. It's fine to talk to her from other directions, though.
-when talking to Mandy the first time, if you have yet to choose a name and decide to choose 'I don't know,' the game will freeze.

That's all for now...please let me know if you find any errors within the game, and I will make sure to fix them in the final release. Thank you. c:
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caspertheghostgirl Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Can I have permission to make a Lets Play video of this? 
AliceXOffered Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
OWO Y-You would do that? Holy heck, yes!! I would love to see that happen! Just make sure to send me a link when you're done, okay? :D Good luck on it!
AllenFJones Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  New member
Sweet game~ could you link me to the soundtrack for when you wander around town?
AnimeGirlXxXmanga Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
everybody seems to find mandy but I cant? Also, I found out that indeed exiting from different angles helps but I cant find the street with the Pewdiepie ref (which I lovved!)
BlueExorcistDemon Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Where's Mandy? :/ I looked all over and I still can't find her
IPinguiniRegnano Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Sorry to bother you but...I got stuck in the Master Bedroom, I checked everywhere for other items, Keys, but I can't find anything!
This game is really amazing! I'd really like to get to the endings!
yugi-chan19 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
I normally have a love/ hate for muti ending games cause i always get nervous bout whether my ending is gonna be good. then again its the reason i love em BECAUSE its always new!

absolutely amazing, i was expecting something short and i got this, honestly i cannot wait for the full game. oh my god, the scene with Alfred and his bloody eye. i was like, 'WHAT?!'. how did you know i love this type of stuff?

i repeat, i cannot wait for the full game, i love it, i love it, i love it.

thanks for having a brilliant mind, cause it helped you think of this~!
ufd Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
This game was fantastic! I did kinda cheat on the code by clicking the first code, then kept pressing the different second and third code choices until I chose the right choice (easier for me than starting all over. Also, I didn't want a different ending where 2p America was a jerk. I like the idea of him having amnesia and him being a cool guy). Thank you for pointing out the bugs in the game! Though, there is another bug not mentioned. If I tell Mandy "I don't know" after she asks my name, it will freeze. 

The gameplay is fantastic, and I love how it's mainly focused on puzzle-solving, and mystery solving. It challenges the audience to solve mysteries and figure things out on their own. I also love how this also uses science to figure out how to rescue Mandy and distract the guards. It also challenges the player to use their mind. Finding out the codes to unlock things was also brilliant. It's challenging, but not too hard on the players to figure out how to solve it. So yeah, great puzzlesolvings, great mystery, great gameplay. I also like that the special feature also includes playing as 2P America without amnesia and fighting off creatures. I enjoy that, and I hope to level up enough to fight that grim reaper guy.

The storyline was absolutely GREAT! I like that the storyline is set on real life events in a possible 2p universe with poverty and the issues that come with it. I love that it deals with mistrust, slavery, drug dealing, kidnapping, and so forth. I also love the relationship Alfred builds with Mandy. It's cute and adorable. In many movies/shows, I always find it annoying when an adult character talks to the most random kid on the street and builds a relationship with him/her, despite not knowing that kid. Though, with Alfred and Mandy, it makes sense, due to Alfred having amnesia. Someone with amnesia isn't going to be thinking about the idea of looking like a pedophile. He's just going to be wanting to know what the hell is going on. On top of that, it shows the result of a little kid talking to strangers, being that Mandy did get kidnapped, because of her naiveness of talking to a stranger to give him directions. I'd like to see more of their bond when you create the next chapter of the game. 

Anyways, great game, though a few bugs (which you or I already mentioned). The ones I didn't mention... I actually thought were funny glitches like walking on the pillars of the church, and the roof of one of the houses lolz. But anyways, I had a blast. Great game.
AliceXOffered Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
...I literally had to sit down and think about this post for an entire month before I could come up with anything to say, and even after that month has passed I still have no idea how to respond. I'm speechless. Seriously, I have been given so many feels from one single post before. The only thing I can think to say is that I am probably going to be thanking you for the rest of eternity for making me feel like I have created something worthwhile. So yeah...stay awesome, my friend. I'd come up with something better to say, but my brain becomes incoherent whenever I see this post so I'll just leave it at that. :'3
ufd Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Thanks. I really did have a blast with that game. I'm hoping you will release your next demo or official chapter to the game in the future.
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